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International law firm in Madrid Winkels Lawyers

At Winkels Lawyers, a Madrid-based law firm, we seek to provide solutions that meet the needs of our clients, with whom we maintain direct contact at all times. Our extensive training in Law and extensive professional experience as lawyers, enable us to provide an excellent level of service, carefully considering each situation on an individual basis, so that our advice may be as effective as possible.

As part of the Winkels Lawyers team, we are members of the Madrid Bar Association, and even though we cover most legal fields, we specialise mostly in Family Law and particularly in International Family Law. This field is increasingly in demand, given that more and more people and families change countries, which often gives rise to legal situations spanning different legal systems across countries, all of which falls within the remit of International Law.

Our continuous training and specialisation as lawyers in these fields of Law, allow us to provide our clients with a highly professional and personalised service in international disputes, that may come to be extremely complex, aided by the fact that we are able to do so in various languages, such as English, French and German.

We offer you advice on International Family Law in matters such as:

  • International divorce; international jurisdiction in divorce matters; applicable Law for the purposes of international marriage; prenuptial agreements in marriages between persons of different nationalities; Law applicable to international divorce; choice of applicable Law in matters of separation and divorce. Recognition in Spain of divorce decrees issued overseas.
  • International child abduction; international cooperation in returning abducted children; direct enforcement of decisions ordering the return of a child.
  • International family disputes.
  • Issues concerning international common-law partnerships.
  • Parental responsibility in the international arena.
  • International claims for alimony; international cooperation in securing alimony. International protection of minors.
  • Kafala guardianships under Islamic Law.
  • International guardianships of minors.
  • International adoption.
  • Applicable Law in international affairs relating to parental responsibility, custody and visitation rights; recognition of decisions in family matters; recognition through direct registration; direct enforcement of visitation rights.
  • Cross-border notifications; cross-border evidence; letters rogatory; enforceability of judgments in family matters.
  • Legal aid in cross-border disputes.
  • Islamic Marriage Law.
  • Chinese Family Law.
  • Latin American Family Law.
  • International successions; international jurisdiction in matters of succession; Law applicable to international successions; recognition of decisions in matters of succession. European Certificate of Succession. Comparative Law in family and inheritance matters.
  • Judicial application of Foreign Law.
  • Marriage between persons of different nationalities; recognition in Spain of marriages formalised abroad.
  • Recognition and enforcement of decisions issued abroad.

Given that our practitioners are proficient in English, French and German, Winkels Lawyers are able to ensure speedy and effective communication with all parties involved, providing solutions in the face of complex international disputes.